Thursday, October 8, 2009

Windows Publications Launch at The Irish Writers' Centre

Windows Publications launched the ninth book in their Authors & Artists Introduction Series last night at the Irish Writers’ Centre. Readers included contributing poets Michael Farry, David Rowell, Honor Duff and Nollaig Rowan. Musical entertainment was provided by singer songwriter Michael O’ Brien, from Cavan.

Michael Farry

Honor Duff

Nollaig Rowan (On left)

David Rowell

Michael O' Brien

Poets Heather Brett and Noel Monahan edit the Cavan-based publication, which puts an emphasis on the emerging writer. Writers such as Joe Woods, Catriona Clutterbuck, Nessa O’ Mahony, Grace Wells and Mary Medec have all been published in previous Windows Introductions. For further information on Windows Publications:

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